My Weekend Trip Off to The Haven Resort (Ipoh)

4:52 PM

Anyeong everyone! How ya'll been? Hope all has been good.

About 2 weekends ago I went to Ipoh (for the first time), just a weekend getaway. Yes I've not been to Ipoh before... it's okay there's always a first time for everything. ;) We stayed at this place called 'The Haven Resort' which was pretty nice actually. If you're planning to go there, make sure to get the room facing the mountain okay?

Here are some pictures of how the room we stayed looked like:

So when you enter the door this is what you will see. There's a kitchen on the right side which is pretty spacious too. The kitchen had a stove if you want to cook, microwave, a fridge (duh), and basic utensils. (No washing machine though).

Hey there ;)

From the balcony you can immediately see the mountain. The view of the mountain is so calming and relaxing... ZEN.

Look at this huge mountain! It's a really beautiful view to wake up to. Now how about a mini tour around the room?

The Master Bed Room.

The room has a see through bathroom, well just one side. I really like this concept. I see bathtub! Love having a glass of wine while i have my bubble bath. *Relaxing*

Hello there ;)

Room 2.

Love the concept of a cupboard with mirrors. There also another smaller room with a single bed and a study table, but I missed that out. 

The bathroom for the 2nd bed room only has a shower. 

Posing by the balcony. Want to see what's down there?

Beautiful isn't it? So much nature and calmness. Well to be honest this is somewhat the most nature I can accept, not really a jungle sea adventurous person. :p

Up by the pool... literally.

Since I was only there for a night, I had to head down ASAP before it gets dark to take some pictures with the nature! All dressed down and ready to go! ;)

Hello there :)

Not long after it was time for dinner. Didn't really take pictures of the food but they are Chinese dishes. Sorry not really a food blogger. :P.

After dinner we continued our relaxing weekend having wine and sitting by the balcony, in front of the television, in the room, wherever we want. Surprisingly I wasn't drunk at all! Maybe because I was drunk the night before and on this night I just wanted to chill... and also because I wanted to be able to wake up for the hotel breakfast buffet!

The food in this hotel is healthy because it is ajinomoto free! Well for me who usually eat pretty clean anyways, am ok with it. But for others they may not find it delicious. After breakfast it was time to check out and head back to Kuala Lumpur!

I can't help but to find the view of mountains so beautiful. Clearly it's because I don't see this everyday in KL. 

Till I see a view like this again! See ya'll!

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