Pamper Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes. ;)

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Hello, hello...

Who here can't leave their home without drawing their eyebrows or putting mascara or eye liner?

High 5! I can't leave my home without drawing my eyebrows, it's like a MUST thing even if it's just for lunch at a coffee shop outside. It's like an addiction to an extend I noticed my eyebrows were dropping! *HORROR*. Just a month ago when I was looking at my self in the mirror, I noticed how scarce and light my eyebrows were. Then I looked at my eye lashes and remembered how EVERYTIME when I remove mascara my eye lashes fall out too. :( Then thought to myself... "SHIT, I need to start applying serum on my eyebrows and eye lashes". If it's not this what are the other ways?

Speak of the angel, REALASH came to my life the following month. <3.

REALASH has been in the market for some time but recently they launched a whole new REALASH range catering to our different needs. Other than eyelash and eyebrows enhancers, they too have eyeliner, mascara, eye serum, and brow conditioner.

The special feature of the new Realash is its improved formula which makes it easy on the skin around the eye area - which is usually sensitive and more prone to allergic reactions. It feels more soothing and would not irritate the skin, and is suitable for use for people with sensitive skin. The improved formula also have a stronger growing effect and protects weak and damaged eyelashes.

 How to apply?: After cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face, apply the serum. Here I am applying for my eye brows. Applying more layer will not fasten the growth process, so do not waste ya, just religiously apply daily will do. ;)

Next apply REALASH Eyelash Enhancer at the lids where your eye lashes grow. (Top + Bottom). In this picture I drew my eye brows so yeah try comparing with the previous photo and you will understand how i feel about my eyebrows :p. 

I've been using REALASH Eyelash Enhancer + REALASH Brow conditioner for about 1 week now and so far I noticed my eyebrows are slightly darker than before and my eye lashes looks slightly fuller as well! I was surprised too, no joke. Will continue to apply this for 30 days and let's see the results then!

If you'd like to know more or see other REALASH products, do visit 

Signing off! ;) 

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