White Birthday Party!

11:53 PM

Another year has passed since my birthday last year, can't believe how quickly time flies. Now when I look back to the past 5 years, man... can't believe how far I've come. Like many others, I've gone through a lot in the past 5 years and I'm so far pleased with who I am today. I look forward to learning and growing more as a person each year. :)

This year for my birthday I am happy that I was able to celebrate with my babe Alicia, whose birthday fell on the 16th of July, while mine was on the 17th. Our "Double Trouble" took place on the 16th of July 2016 at Velvet, Zouk and the theme was "Dress Stunningly in White". As there were 2 of us, our guest list was pretty limited, so I'd like to apologize to those I did not invite, it was a tough decision for me. :(

I'd like to thank my best friends Natalie, Ian, Howe, and my boyfriend Jeremy for helping out in preparing this celebration. <3 Now let the pictures do the talking shall we? ;)

 Lup Yan with the two birthday girls. :)

with John & Nat

Radius, my Malaysian Korean friend who came for my birthday last year, and also this year! Thanks for coming bud. :)

L-R: Kenneth, Patricia, Onn, Patrick, & Radius. Thank you all for coming! As for you Patricia, despite how busy and rarely we meet I'm glad that we are still good friends. :) 

Here's some eye candies for you guys. ;) 

Howe, Oliver, Alicia & John. 

My blogger friend/colleague, Jessica Tan, and Vic. 

Michael Ooi, my MINION! So happy to see you again after so long. #ForeverMyMinion. On the right we have K, John, Oliver, Yen Yen, Yvonne, Lup Yan, Timothy, and Rainie.

One of my prettiest friend, Doly! She's pretty, stylo, nice, and not to be messed with. Thank you for coming dear. <3

Jill baby, one of the most hardworking, positive, and independent woman I've known, so glad you came dear. :) 

When it was time to blow the cake...
As always, camera's gotta eat first!

What happens next? They sing the birthday song, we face everyone plus their camera phones, lots of flash lights on us, and a smile on both our faces. :) 
Being fed #likeaboss. The cheesecake was AMAZING! I loveeeee it it's so good. Thank you Jeremy for preparing the cake. 
 And then comes the champagne.

 #CandidThatMadeIt #SuccessfulCandid #NiceCandid #CandidShot

This was a super random photo. I was standing there then I saw a balloon in front of me and held it. Suddenly my friend Kenneth took a photo of this. 

The both of us did the same pose at the exact same time without knowing! Talk about chemistry (even at work). :)

Group Photo! Thank you all for coming! <3

I would also like to thank you all for the birthday gifts! (Rachel, Radius, Natalie, Howe, Ian, Doly, Danny, Jeremy and Nica. 

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