Zouk Club KL Brought us to Japan! (Part 1)

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When I was younger, I used to enjoy watching anime and Japanese Dramas and used to admire their lifestyle and culture (the kinds of food they eat, how they bathe in a hot tub, the way they dress with their noisy wooden flip flops and wondered how do they sit on the floor for hours). But by God's grace, in August 2016, Jeremy won an opportunity to fly to Japan (expense paid) to not only experience the beautiful culture of Japan, but the amazing party of Ultra Music Festival Japan, thanks to Zouk Club KL.

What happened was, my birthday celebration took place at Zouk and so happened they had a contest and the requirement was to purchase 2 bottles for a chance to sign "Zouk" as creatively as possible to win free tickets to Ultra Music Festival Japan! Neither Jeremy nor I have ever won something so amazing before! So yes I thank God. 

Although we were in a bit of dilemma in the beginning, but after thinking through about how this would be a waste if we did not go, we finally decided to take that step to go for it! I would like to thank my dear friends for your suggestions on places to stay, places to visit, and so on. :) I also want to thank Jeremy for doing most of the planning. 

I'm sure most of you have used Airbnb a couple of times, but it was our first time! We were told that it's a lot cheaper, but possibly because of last minute preparation, majority of the cheap and good ones were booked. We booked this place in Shibuya, a pretty decent looking apartment for about RM800+ for 2 nights. We also wanted to try something else, so we also booked another place for the next 2 nights (which is not very near to the city, but it's cheap!). Will share with you the other place we stayed soon. :)  
The flight was 7 hours long and the last time I had to sit through a 7 hours flight was when I went to Sydney many many years ago. I still remember my experience then, as I had trouble sleeping (even with the help of a few glasses of Chardonnay). Thankfully a variety of TV shows were provided in flight. 

That was Singapore Airlines, so can't expect much from Air Asia. But surprisingly, although there were no TV shows provided things went pretty well too. I was well fed, my thirst was quenched, had enough rest and somewhat well entertained. :) 
I understand that not everyone orders food from Air Asia. Firstly, because it's expensive and secondly, it is not that awesome. However, if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation whereby you need to purchase their meals (last minute), I'd recommend you to try their Nasi Kerabu, Even Jeremy had some of mine and he liked it. I would not recommend their Mac & Cheese because according to Jeremy, it sucks. 

As hours passed, day turned to night, the thought that I'm closer to Japan got me excited and could not sleep anymore. So what I did was ordered more wine and took some selfies. :p 

The moment we touched down, we begin our journey of traveling Japanese style (by train). At one of the stops we realize that it was the last train, so we had to take a cab.
Here I had in my hands, the first drink since I put my foot in Japan. They say that flying can be very dehydrating, no kidding about that!

Oh yes! For those of you who didn't know, you don't need to open the taxi door to get in! It will automatically open and close! So cool right? 
We had a good first time experience in a Japan cab. Jeremy wanted to say 'thank you' to the uncle driver in Japan, so he asked me... "How do you say thank you in Japanese? Kamsanamida?" I laughed and corrected him, he was so cute though. Despite the language barrier we managed to get him to bring us to our destination safely. Even upon leaving and after we said thank you to the uncle, he said 'thank you' back to us and told us to have a nice stay. :) 
As excited we were to check out the place (though the outside does not look pleasant) but we were amazed with the Airbnb system in Japan. We did not meet the owner, so how did we collect the key? The owner shared with us the pass code (electronic) to get into the building and when we arrived at our apartment door, there's another lock outside where the key is placed inside. All we needed to do was to key in the code which he provided to unlock and get the key to unlock the door. So convenient right?

So the apartment looked exactly like the pictures we saw, but smaller and the ceiling was pretty low so we had to be extra cautious when walking around to not hit the ceiling lamp. The first thing we looked for when we entered was the WiFi dongle, can't help it, social media is life. :p 

We had our late dinner at one of the restaurants that was still open (it was 1am at that time). I would like to apologize in advance that I will not be able to share with you the name of the restaurants we went to as they were all in Japanese. 
Our hunger at that moment was indescribable, but due to time constraint (the restaurant closes at 2am), we ordered whatever looked good to us. As for me, Sashimi is my FAVOURITE, and also low in calories. Jeremy ordered a bowl of ramen that was DELICIOUS. The soup was very savoury although the noodles were just normal instant noodles. We had some fried chicken and a small bottle of hot sake to accompany us with our meal.

After dinner, we went back and had a few drinks before we hit the sack. 

The next morning...
Decent on the inside, not to pretty on the outside. But honestly overall the place (inside) was not too bad a livable. 

On day 2 we wanted to prepare for Ultra Music Festival Japan, so all we did was grab some food, walked around the street a little bit, check out their grocery stores (which had a lot of amazing stuff, I wanted to buy almost everything), and headed back to get ready for the party! The reason why we had to prepare so early it's because the travel time to Ultra Park via train would take up to 2 hours.
We went to this restaurant nearby and ordered 2 types of ramen, one is the normal kind which we often get in Malaysia, and the other is like cold soba style, where you have to put the noodles into the small bowl of soup and eat them. 

As I was looking around, I can't help but feel amazed that up till today, women still wear aprons and go around doing their daily tasks. I used to see it in Japanese dramas, but that was pretty long ago.

Came across this 'Hair Orang' salon while walking back. Only took this picture because only Malaysians would understand. :p 

It was our first time traveling by train and we had no idea where we should go. We had a lot of help from Google map and also had to ask people around for directions. We did take the wrong train along the way, so we ended up traveling for 3 hours. 
Claiming our 3 days access wrist bans.

We finally made it in! Having our first drink (Vodka + Redbull)
First day it was like our trial and error, such as experiencing the travel time, which trains to take, etc. Though we missed a few good acts, but it's okay we still enjoyed our night! We met a group from Thailand near the merchandise area and they were super friendly. For the rest of the night, we partied with them. 
As we were on the way to get train tickets to Shibuya city we noticed a SUPER LONG queue. Understandable since people often travel by train as cabs can be really expensive (especially after work hours + people from UMF). Even in the train it was crazy packed! Learned our lesson, the next night we bought the train ticket the moment we arrived at the Ultra Park train station.
We went to Shibuya city to check out the place and also have our super late dinner. We were pretty lost and did not know where to eat and after walking around we ended up at Sushi Zanmai.
I have to say that the sashimi wasn't that great, but if we compare to the Sushi Zanmai in Malaysia, this is definitely better (of course right? It's Japan!). 

After dinner we headed back, drank a little more and crashed. That's the end of part 1, stay tuned for part 2! :) 

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