Zouk KL Brought us to Japan (Part 2)

6:27 PM

Aloha, sorry the long over due part 2 post about my Japan trip. Work has really been difficult lately not giving me my personal space. But I will try my best to update my blog more often. :)
Take a look at Part 1 here - http://bit.ly/2iRqNO9 if you have not. ;)

Day 3 of my Japan trip we had to move from the AirBnB apartment to a nice resort SPA hotel somewhere in the outskirt area. So we packed our stuff and left the apartment at 10am (in Japan most places the checkout time for Airbnb is around 10am, if you're lucky you can check out at 12pm).

As the check in time for the hotel was 3pm, we took a ride to Shinjuku to do some souvenir shopping and grab some lunch. It is Japanese practice to have lockers at every train station I believe because they are constantly on the run and travel around a lot for work. So one big locker space was about 600 to 800 yen depending on which station you're at.

We walked around a lot and ended up a random restaurant that looks good and had our lunch! We were starving like we have not eaten for days. 

I had Hot Soba noodles set, it came with chicken teriyaki rice, I ate some of the noodles and tried some of the rice and tried my best to not finish the carbs. This meal was really delicious!
Jeremy had some fried chicken with rice. His set had miso soup, what a balanced meal. :) 
As you all know Japan is pretty high-tech you shouldn't be surprised if you can buy cigarettes from a machine. But for some reason we were still pretty amazed and just for the experience and the fun of it, we purchased 1 box. 

After the long walking and shopping, we finally took the train and headed to the next hotel! I was pretty excited especially when I have seen the pictures from Air Bnb.

So when we arrived at the station and walked out we saw this on our right. Whatever I saw in Japan I always try to relate back what I've seen on TV. Shit I'd go crazy if I go to Korea. 

We, along with our luggage, spent 15 to 20 minutes walking to our destination. When we finally found it, it was like... "haaaalleluiaaaaa".
You have arrived to Ryokan & Spa Shizuku! They also provide room clothing and their room is really nice! It has the traditional Japanese mixed with modern style. 
What I love most is their spacious bathtub (plus their hot water is really hot) and a TV infront of the bath tub. Their remote control for the bathroom TV is waterproof too. Japan is clearly high-tech no doubt about that.

Something we do after a long day of walking around. Also, I did some shopping! Nothing major, just some necessities. ;)

On the second day we did not go for Ultra Japan as my lower back was aching due to too much walking from the day before and also during earlier of the day. My lower back was pretty bad by the end of Ultra Japan day 1, possibly because my body is not used to the walking since in Malaysia we travel by car a lot and would even complain if the parking is too far. :p 

So we drank together and enjoyed the hotel room, took a hot bath in their HUGE bathtub which I love. We also went out for dinner, and surprisingly the town is pretty quiet especially at night on the streets, I basically saw less than 10 people on the street when walking to find dinner. But the moment you enter a restaurant you will see a lot of people. 

We ended up having Korean food because it seems like they have quite many Korean restaurants in a small town. Due to desperation of food we just ate whatever was convenient. 

Jeremy LOVED the noodles, he ordered two bowls for himself. As I'm writing about this, I recall the delicious taste from the noodles and kinda crave for it now. :( 

Sorry to be a rave party pooper, but for day 2 of Ultra Japan, we just chilled and enjoyed the weather and partied on our own. Stay tuned for the next post if you'd like to see some pictures for Ultra Japan Day 3! :)


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