What Happened on Valentine's Day?

4:03 AM

It should not be a surprise if I said that I woke up feeling smiley and happy on this day because it's the day where the world celebrates love. What put a smile on my face on Valentine's day morning was the thought of celebrating with someone who is actually my boyfriend after 2 years of being single.

Both my boyfriend and I went to work like our usual routine. When I was focusing and rushing stuff at work, a sweet bouquet of red roses and Belgian chocolate arrived and put a smile on my face. 
I really, really, love this bouquet of roses and am thankful for them. <3

When night came, we went to Sushi Tomo in SS2 for dinner since it was near Neway Karaoke. Although it's a Japanese restaurant, the people running the restaurant were Koreans. Kinda strange I know.

 Sushi <3, super love them! I often go for Salmon, Maguro, Butterfish and that Reddish white fish (no idea what it's called). 
 I love cold soba as well. I love the idea where you have to dip the soba into a small cup of soupy sauce and then eat it. Yumss... <3

I really love Japanese food because they are very clean, (less or no oil) such as Sushi, Sashimi, Cold Soba, etc. 
Our first Valentine's day together <3. 

So after dinner, we walked our way to Neway (surprisingly the restaurant was less than 5 minutes walk away). We ordered the alcohol package, and due to most of the small rooms booked, they gave us a huge ass room that could fit up to 20 to 30 people. 

A bottle of Gold Label for this "Golden Night".

I'm a singer/performer for tonight. (Truth to be told, I was completely sober here)

This is how we roll, I guess. ;p

All in all, I am very thankful for this day where everything fell into place. For instance:
1. I received a bouquet of roses at work
2. I got to leave office on time (no last minute stay back needed)
3. The restaurant that we tried our luck turned out to be pretty good (most places we wanted were fully booked)
4. The restaurant was super near Neway
5. We so happened to walk pass a pet shop where we saw and played with super cute dogs <3
6. We got a HUGE room to ourselves

And last but not least, this day was spent with someone who is loving, patient, kind, generous, sweet, dorky, funny, and lame. A combination of everything. Thank you for making this day special for me. <3. 

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