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Hello all! For those who follow me on Instagram, you would know that I recently went to Hong Kong! In the short span of 4 days (well technically 3 days since the last day we were preparing to head back to Malaysia), we managed to visit quite a number of places, including Macau! So I would like to share with you interesting/historical places I have visited, including places to eat! 
Let's begin! :) 

Upon arriving at the airport, we had to take a train to another airport to get a ride to the hotel. Thankfully, there's a very convenient shuttle bus that stops super near the hotel we lived at, located in Tsim Sha Tsui. So if your hotel or AirBnb is around that area, you may take the shuttle bus.
Here's where expats sign up for mobile data packages. Though there are WiFi's around, but places like coffee shops, or char chan tengs would not have, so it's good to have some mobile data. 

In the train on the way to the other airport. Hong Kong somewhat reminds me of Japan because train is the main transportation. See my Japan trip here: http://bit.ly/JosarineJapan. 
In Hong Kong people travel a lot by foot and train too, but luckily their train maps have English translation, so we can find our way. 

Some of the trains has a USB plug for us to charge our phones! Good one Hong Kong. :) 

Just a few pictures of the street while I was on the shuttle bus.
This is right outside the hotel we stayed. There are many shops around including 7Eleven, Circle K, Sasa and more. 
We stayed at BP International Hotel located at Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. It is connected to another hotel/building. 

Lets adjourn to the hotel room! The walkway to the room was pretty spacious, but I've been warned that houses/apartments/flats and even hotels are really small inside. Well they are right about that. 

3 of us stayed in 1 room, so we had to order an extra bed. If their single bed was super single, it would have been great. But like what everyone told me, rooms are small so doubt the room can fit 2 super singles. 

To all the ladies who need a pretty vanity, sorry to disappoint you but this is the only vanity space you will have. The bathroom is pretty small as well and I was disappointed cause I was hoping to get a bubble bath. The room wasn't cheap, would suggest you try AirBnb first. 

Another thing I noticed about Hong Kong is that if you ask the hotel to take care of your bags (because our rooms weren't ready) while you go out to eat, etc, there's an additional charge of HK$20. Not sure if this applies to all hotel or just BP International. 

So we had no choice but to leave our bags with the hotel and went for lunch! First place we ate was horrible! The fried noodles tasted burnt, and their popular Yau Poh Lou Pau was below average. After lunch we headed back to our room to rest/nap. 

When night came it was time for dinner. I thought the weather would be super cold since the hotel room was crazy cold (I also notice in Hong Kong they often blast their airconds indoor). 

Just posing and acting like a local citizen waiting for the bus. I think I kinda cut someone's line because the person next to me did give me a weird stare.

 With Aunt Nica. 

 This is the typical looking street in Hong Kong. I remember seeing this street sign on Hong Kong movies/TV Shows. 

Day 2

If you are planning on taking a ferry to Macau, I'd advise that you buy the tickets in advance or head to the station earlier to purchase because the queue is super long. The whole ferry experience was pleasant and comfortable, but VERY cold. I wore 1 jacket and it wasn't enough, maybe because i was wearing shorts. 
When we arrived, there were a few taxi drivers trying to sell their packages to us. We rejected all and fortunate to have found one that gave us a pretty good deal, plus he's friendly too. Uncle Ed here somehow has a thing for taxi/van drivers. For some reason he's extra friendly and playful with them (probably trying to get close to get more discounts :p, #SurvivalSkills). 
A #wefie while waiting for the van to arrive. 
Did you know you can do bungee jump on Macau Tower? We saw a few ropes on that building and we could see someone moving around like he was ready to jump, so we waited, and waited, and got nothing. Seriously, they cheated our feelings. 

We went to a few stops and one of it was the Guan Yin statue of Macau. Apparently, this statue was created in the image of Guan Yin and Mother Mary. The face and pose are like guan yin, but the clothing is like Mother Mary. This statue somewhat relates with Macao's multi-ethnics and multi cultures. 

Location: Av. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Se, Macau
GPS: 22.18582, 113.552164

As you enter to the entrance, you'll get to learn all about this statue, the creator, when it was built, how it was built, etc. Behind the statue is a nice view facing the sea.
Our next stop was "Our Lady of Penna Church". I love the historical looking interior and it was has definitely been a while since I last stepped into the church. 

As I entered I noticed the Holy Water fountain, so I went to bless myself with it and for some reason it felt good. There wasn't any mass going on at the time, soI did not expect anyone to be in the church other than the care taker. Surprisingly there were sisters praying at front of the altar. At a brief moment, I wondered if I was disturbing them, but I had a sudden thought that the church is open to everyone and anyone is welcome. I sat at the last row and just stared at the crucifix and looked around the church. I sensed a very peaceful feeling when I was there and also had this feeling like the weight on my shoulders lightened and a sense of peace. 
The view of Macau from the church. 

The next interesting/historical place we visited, was "The Ruins of St. Paul."
The Ruins of St. Paul was first constructed in 1580, but caught fire in 1595 and 1601. Reconstruction took place after the church was burnt down in 1602, and completed in 1637. At the time, this church was one of the biggest Catholic Church in East Asia. Call it fate or destiny, the church was destroyed again in 1835 due to a violent typhoon hit. 
From the remaining in this picture, the walls are covered with bas-reliefs over the statues/patterns. The triangular combination of the upper three tiers reflects the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

According to historical materials found, St Paul's Church was built with white stones, it had a grand vaulted roof, and 3 magnificently decorated halls. I can imagine it would have been one beautiful historical looking church by now. 

(Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/macau/ruins.htm)
After this stop, we went to visit a temple, grabbed some food, and headed back to Hong Kong. It was a relief to be back in the hotel because we woke up super early. We rested, took a nice hot shower (their hot water is amazing), and headed out for dinner. After dinner we visited this bar (which is known to be one of the celebrities hangout spot). 
The night life in Lan Kwai Fong. You see this photo? Because it was Saturday! Party Night! We also saw people (mostly ang mohs) dressed in costumes like it was Halloween. 
Sorry for the blur photo, my Note 3 does not capture good pictures in low light places. 
So this is the place, Zinc Group bar. Check them out at http://www.zincgroup.com.hk

I had 2 glasses of wine (one white, one red), while the rest had their variation of beers. 
It is a pretty happening place, people were dancing and the crowd was pretty cool. I'd recommend to check this place out. :) 

I didn't think we would be leaving sooner than expected, so I intentionally took my time with my wine. So when I heard we were about to leave, I downed both my glasses of wine and I was fine high. The moment we reached back to our hotel, I quickly got ready for bed and slept comfortably. 

Day 3
On the 3rd day, we visited the Tiantan Buddha Statue at The Peak of Muyu. A very random thing about this place. they have cows!
 When Kow meets cow. 
This is a popular tourist place. To get to the top, you gotta climb. Don't worry, if I can do it, so can you. However, please assist the elders.
It was really cold up there, similar to Genting when it's raining... but overall it was a pretty cool experience. I even got to eat ice cream in this cold place and it was fun! I think this is something everyone should experience (eating ice cream in the cold). My next spot would be in the snow... if I survive the cold. :p 
For me, walking up was easier as compared to walking back down. Frankly it's because i am afraid of heights. For those of you who fear heights like me, here's a tip: just look at your feet, focus on your steps down and ignore the rest.  

Hungry? After that workout, oh yes! We headed over to Tai-O where you can find their famous squids, curry fish balls and so on. No joke, their curry fish ball is spicy!
When the Kow tries to eat anything other than grass. Sorry baby, love you. :p 
So if you guys are at this area, I highly recommend 'Good View Seafood Restaurant'. What you can do is, buy a fresh and life fish next door and pass it to this restaurant. They will cook it fresh for you. Out of all the Hong Kong food i've tried, I honestly have to say this restaurant was the BEST! 

This would be considered as our super late but delicious lunch. <3. 

For dinner we had Wan Ton Mee <3. After having this Wan Ton Mee, eating other Wan Ton Mee would never be the same. This popular restaurant is called Mak's Noodle.
The texture of the noodles is a little cripsy/chewy and the soup is very tasty. Love it! This trip was a pretty fast paced one so by the end of the night most of us are beat. We ended our night with a few glasses of wine, a comfortable bed and good movies. 

The next day it was time to check-out. 

This was our last meal in Hong Kong: Yuen Kee Restaurant, located at G/F 18B Granville Rd,, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
The portion is really big, I finished the meat and could barely touch the rice. They put pork oil onto the rice and it tastes really fattening and disgusting (amazing). But I think it didn't go well with my stomach ever since I try to eat clean. Despite how busy they were, they were still somewhat accommodating. For example, after we left the restaurant, I came back in to use the bathroom. One of the manager (he seemed like it) could immediately tell what I was looking for and immediately directed me there. Good service! :)

Before we part, OOTD pictures. :)

Top & Leggings: Uniqlo, Jacket: ZARA Mens, Shoes: Nike, Sunglasses: Ultra Japan! 

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