A Beachwear, A Sundress, and An Evening Wear, in One

1:13 AM

Hey guys, 

My friend Chelsea came up with this new fashion brand called Mikonoss. Chelsea was a former Miss Malaysia Queen of The World, a TV personality of The Apartment Style Edition, a model and an emcee. 

Mikonoss is a new limited edition online clothing label that offers a classic and trendy wrap clothing for women, thoughtfully designed for 3 sizes (S/M/L) and plus sizes coming soon! Her designs are mostly vibrant and colourful floral and aztec prints, and it's made from wrinkle resistant washable crepe satin and silk chiffon. 

Mikonoss unique designs are also flexible whereby you can wear them as a beach wear, sun dress, or even for dinners! 
Here I'm wearing a piece from Mikonoss, really love how light and prettily it flows when the wind blows. I wear mostly size S (some dresses XS) and this dress fitted me nicely.  It would have fitted better if there was 1 more button as it was a little loose at my waist area. However, I managed to fix this issue by pulling a bit tighter when I tie my ribbon. 

Here are some shots I took with this beautiful dress. :)

A pretty dress like this, I wouldn't want it to get dirty or wet. Honestly I treated it like gold. 
But to my surprise, although it got a little wet it dried up pretty quickly! 

But wait...

She has recently launched her lace line! I really love her lace line, they are so elegant, classy and beautiful! I would wear this to places like Suzie Wong, a wedding, fancy gala dinners, events, etc! 

Check out more of her dresses and her new upcoming lace line at www.mikonoss.com. :)

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