My Birthday 2017 #1: Roses Among Thorns

11:59 PM

Hello all! :)

In this post I would like to share with you my 2017 birthday celebration! Check out my White Birthday Party last year here.

Like last year, this year I celebrated with my girl friend Alicia and the theme was BLACK. After researching around on where is the nicest bar to suit our preference, we have decided to celebrate at MAZE. I want to thank my friend Benson for helping me get the best tables in the house, for coming over to cheers with me and for your birthday gift, truly and sincerely appreciate it! :)

I would also like to thank my best friend Natalie, who helped me in making this celebration happen. Not forgetting my dear friends and friends of Alicia, who came and celebrated with us. Okay, less talk, more pictures... enjoy! :)


Necklace: Forever21
Dress: ZARA
Clutch: Zalora
Shoes: Zalora

My Purple Throne. 

To sum up our drinks on this night, we had Gin, Whisky and Wine. Here's a carriage of ingredients to be put into our Gin. You can mix Gin with Tonic or water and then add in fruits of your choice for flavour and taste. It's only RM35+/- for this, not too bad for the variety it provides. It contains grapefruits, kiwis, lemons, limes, cucumbers, pineapples, watermelons and laicis. 

With Jillbaby and Kenneth.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The theme that night was BLACK, but only the birthday girls wear RED. :p Here's Alicia and I with our friends. :)
LRTB: John, Jill, Nat, & Rainie. 

With John and Howe | With Mel who calls me 'queen'.

With my Baby Moo (inside joke). Thank you for taking care of me not only on this day, but everyday. <3

The other brithday girl Alicia & my bestie Nat.

A rose among her thorns. :p 
L-R: Mel Ong, Howe, Chps, Wai Hong, Doly, Max, Kenneth Lai & Kenneth Chan. 
L-R: Rainie, Tim, Nat, Mel, Ray, Chps, Wai Hong, Doly, Kenneth Chan, Max, Kenneth Lai, Howe, Jeremy, & Jill. 

LRTB: Oli with his cool pose, Nat with her sweet smile, Ray getting excited for taking a photo with me, and Max with his 'nice but cool' pose. 

With my party queen darling, JJ Poh.

Similar to last year, we did the exact same thing where Alicia and I would sit behind our cake. This is the time where we would feel happy with so many of our friends surrounding us and a little uncomfortable as there were so many people staring with us with their camera phones up in the air. Oh, but the lights, cameras and flashes make us feel like superstars. :p 

Thank you Benson for your kindness and generosity. It was really nice of you to drop by and thank you so much for your birthday gift below. :)

Group photo! LR: Kenneth, Jeremy, Jill, Hui Peng, Doly, Alicia, Ray, Me, JJ Poh, Datin Mel, Oli, Howe, Tim, Kenneth Chan, Nat & John. I would also like to thank Ryan and Danial for coming

 Here ends 'My Birthday 2017 #1'. Stay tuned for #2! ;)

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