My Birthday 2017 #2: Avocado Cheese Cake, Dinner, & Awesome People

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Anyeong Haseyo! As 2017 is still around the corner, i thought i'd better share my birthday celebration before it passes. If you have not seen my 2017 birthday party, do check it out here: Roses Among Thorns

I hope everyone enjoyed their nice and long weekend! With 2 public holidays initially and suddenly there's one more? Man must be the best week ever for some of you. As for me, unfortunately despite Malaysia getting Gold for Sea Games, I had no holiday on Monday due to an urgent pitch. But's it's okay, most important thing is getting this pitch done well and in style. ;)

Back to my main topic for this post, I wanna thank my family, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend's mum for a delicious birthday dinner. For those who know me, you would know that I always TRY to eat clean and healthy so the fact that I was able to have those healthy/delicious meals, i'm extremely thankful. Not forgetting spending your time with me, I mean you could have used this time to do anything else... so sincerely from my heart, I would like to thank you all! <3.

Without further or due, let the food pictures begin!

This year, my family celebrated my birthday with me at Jake's Charbroiled Steak located at Jalan Kasah right next to Victoria's Station. The food was really pleasant and I enjoyed everything! I ordered the Salmon with Caviar but I did get a taste of everything including the cheesy and guilty Nacho Cheese. :D

Despite my hangover from my birthday party the night before, but I feel really thankful and blessed for this birthday dinner. <3

Check out my Avocado Cheesecake made by Aunt Nica. Very rich in texture, flavour and very delicious. If any of you are bored of Secret Recipe cakes and want a good quality cake, try this for only RM100! Honestly you won't get a cake like this with an affordable price from bakeries.

Let me introduce to you my family. Left to right: The best boyfriend, me, my cool bro, my cute and growing up little sister, and my one and only mummy <3. 

The restaurant too gave me some little mini gifts, such as their towel and a balloon... it's not much but I appreciate it anyway. :)

My 2nd birthday dinner was at Sushi Tomo located in SS2, this is my 4th time here and so far I think their Japanese food is affordable and pretty alright.

Thank you Aunt Nica for this birthday dinner although Japanese food is not really your cup of tea. I also want to thank you for everything you have done for me, there's so much you've done for me that words can't express how appreciative and thankful I am. :)

The next & last birthday dinner but not the end...
Birthday dinner with my baby moo. Here's a confession... ever since I met Jeremy, he's always been sending me flowers to my office. Bur surprisingly on my birthday itself HE DID NOT. It was a smart move because he knew I would have expected it since it's kinda of a routine. While we were on the way to dinner, he stopped by Atria because he needed to cash out at CIMB bank.  Usually when he cashes out at Maybank but at that night he said he needed to use the money from his CIMB account so... okay... and suddenly he came to the car with 2 bouquets of flowers, one for me and the other for his mum (his mum and my birthday are 1 day apart).
Here's something only my family and close friends know. I LOVE Korean stuff. Be it drama, food or songs, I super love Korean culture so he brought me to this Korean restaurant called Sae Ma Eul. Out of all the Korean BBQ restaurants i've been to, i'd say this is one of the best! Reason is because the food is good.. as simple as that. :p We had some soju too to accompany our delicious dinner. 

So here's the bouquet of flowers from my dear bf. Despite everything he's going through he still made sure I got these. PS, that Victoria Secret pressie is from my twin sister, see more below. 

 A super strange thing has happened this year. On my birthday itself I received a unique present and it was groceries from Happy Fresh. You know what was the best part? Inside the Happy Fresh bag were all my favourite fruits! Thank you to my darling Datin Mel Ong for this unique and sweet birthday present, I was really happy to receive them and it's very very thoughtful. <3. There were bananas, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries... fruits that are high in antioxidants. Love you long timeeeee.

Just when I thought my birthday was about to end, a few of my best friends came and surprised me with a cake at my bf's place. 
L-R: Jessicat, Dianababe and The Great Max.

I kinda suspected something was coming because my bf acted really different that night.. :D But regardless, thank you guys so much for the wonderful surprise, I was really happy to see you guys. Thank you guys for putting your time and effort in making this surprise happen and for being such awesome friends! Love you guys! <3
 Thank you guys for the birthday gift and cake as well! <3.
Disclaimer: I'm not skinny. 

Thank you all for the presents, each of them are really special and I love them!

I now close the chapter of my birthday this year, till next time! ;) 

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