A Pleasant Dinner Date with Diana Chan, MasterChef Australia 2017.

11:16 PM

A pleasant dinner date with romantic lights and settings, as I savour every dish.

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Signature at the Roof for the invitation and opportunity to meet The MasterChef Australia 2017 and our beautiful Malaysian sweetheart, Diana Chan. Learn more about her here: http://bit.ly/2ymoXPA 

Upon arrival at the Signature, I was greeted friendlily and escorted to my table with the rest of the other media and bloggers. It was really good to meet familiar faces such as Sidney and Jude (who was the MC of the night). I got to know some new faces too, like a writer from Malaysia's Tatler and BluInc, Rebecca Saw and others.

Here's a very short video of what happened at the event.
As Diana appeared, the guests gave a round of applause. On stage, Diana shared with everyone the recipes for the night. Here's the first dish,

The Entree. 
Snapper Ceviche with Coconut, Pomelo, Lime, and Chillis. 
It's a delicious combination in my opinion. It had a sour and spicy kind of taste from the pomelo, lime and chillis, but the taste of the raw snappers balanced the taste well. Couldn't really taste much coconut, but I prefer it that way. ;)

The Appetizer:
Pipis in Dashi Broth
This is actually my favourite dish of the night. The broth is really tasty and the (I think they were lalas) were pretty fresh too. 

In between meals, Diana came out from the kitchen again and interacted with the audience. She was standing literally right next to me but 4 ft further. I had this rush inside of me asking me to take a photo with her and I did! I felt kinda starstruck to be honest. 

Slow Braised Beef, Mushrooms and Greens.
I really like the flavour from the mushrooms and sauce. The beef was quite tasty, but kinda chewy as well. One of the media mentioned that it's not equally cooked. 

Dessert - They can imitate you, but they can't duplicate you, cause you got something special, that makes me wanna taste you, I want it all day long... I'm addicted like it's wrong... I want it all day long I'm addicted like it's...... Whatcha gon, whatcha gon do with that dessert?
Strawberries and Cream infused with Champagne
I'm generally not a sweet tooth, I rarely take sugar, and I like my coffee black and on its own. So the vanilla ice cream plus the syrup were a little too sweet for me, however the sourness from the strawberries balanced the taste. 

So here's my experience at the Ultimate Dinner by Diana Chan, MasterChef Australia 2017, and I hope you enjoyed it. See ya! :)

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