Let's Wander Where the Food is Good. (Veg Fish Farm Restaurant, Hulu Langat)

1:53 AM

Hey babes, hope everyone had a good weekend. :)

Last weekend my friends and I went to Hulu Langat for some Thai Seafood. When my bestie told me about Hulu Langat, she mentioned about fishing for our own seafood kind of activity and I actually believed because there are some restaurants that have that kind of service. But when we arrived... clearly I got tricked. So, fine, then when I heard Hulu Langat, I thought it was somewhere out of KL because my friend mentioned 'Road Trip'. Few days before our trip, we found out Hulu Langat is IN KL, it's a 45 minutes drive depending on traffic. :D

The restaurant is called Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant: (open 11am-11.30pm, seven days a week)

KM4 Jalan Ampang,

Hulu Langat,

Ampang, Selangor

017-251 5235 / 019-260 6493
GPS coordinates: N03 07.784 E101 48.308

The meet up point was at Oliver's place, so everyone gathered there by 2.30pm and off we went on our 'road trip'. Here's a little video we did just for fun. 

We made a quick stop at some area i've no idea where and took come OOTDs! <3

We have finally arrived...
Nat and I decided that instead of taking a selfie, we took a selfie video. Please don't mind us. :p

Here are my favourite people.
Top L-R: Lup Yan, Yen Yen, Nat, Me, Jeremy.
Bottom R-L: Ean, Howe, John and Oliver.

So here's the thing, my friend's camera ran out of memory and we had to delete some pictures. So of course she wouldn't delete her OOTD pictures, I totally understand. Now because of that we only have 3 pictures of the food. But no worries, I'll show you what we had by borrowing some pictures from their website

Steam Limau Thai Style Grouper Dragon

Seafood Tom Yum, super yum. There were lalas, squid, and prawns. 

Curry vegetables, super love this. 

The pandan chicken was average, nothing to rave about. Picture source: bangsarbabe

 Kangkung Belacan, it was kinda tasteless.

Kerabu Kaki Ayam. I was a little disgusted because it's chicken's feet, but the taste is pretty good. 

Fried Prawn Egg. It was not bad. 

Salted Egg Sotong, super delicious! Love it. We ordered 1 more of this because it was so good. 
We also had some lala but i can't seem to find the picture anywhere. It was cooked with brown sauce and was a little salty for me. 

With so many dishes ordered, out of 9 of us, the bill was about RM49 per person. We were pretty stuffed too, so the food was slightly more than enough for us. 

So that's about it for now, for those who've been here, do let me know what you think of the food! :) 

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