Winter in Malaysia

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Hello everyone! Ever since my relaxing and fun trip at Danang, Vietnam (16th to 20th November 2017) my friends and I felt holiday deprived. Though it wasn't that long since our last trip, but the trip was amazing enough to get our minds off work and reality for a moment.

If we could travel every month (enough leaves and money), we would. But we are pretty realistic people, so we made do with what we have in Malaysia. Of all places, we decided to get in touch with the cold weather in a well developed area, Genting Highlands.

I'm sure most of you guys have heard about the Genting Premium Outlets and the new and improved Genting Highlands? It was my first time up there ever since they renovated, so it felt kinda like a new place to me. Without further or due, check out my video compilation below!

Thank you God for public holidays, cause you made our weekend longer. To start our December, we went to the highland to enjoy the cold weather last Friday. Since it was a public holiday and close to the weekend, we experienced a pretty bad jam when heading out of Kuala Lumpur. But thankfully it wasn't jam going up to Genting. 

Our first stop was Loong Kee restaurant at Gohtong Jaya. We noticed that there are a few restaurants called 'Loong Kee', but the one that we went to was further down. To help you recognize the restaurant we went, do watch the video and see the background and design of the restaurant. There were 9 of us in total, we ordered 8 dishes, and we finished it! Even the restaurant owner was impressed! 8 dishes were inclusive of curry fish, lala soup, pork, bacon, 2 types of vegetables, sweet sour pork, Japanese tofu, etc and we only paid RM39 per person. It was definitely a satisfying meal to kick-start our trip. 

I have a shopaholic best friend, so our next immediate stop was Genting Premium Outlets. To be honest, the stuff there aren't that cheap, I don't know why do people hype about it so much. For example, the Balm Eye Shadow Palette from SASA is RM179 in KL, guess how much it was in Genting Premium Outlet? RM179. I don't know, maybe it's a lot of difference and greater discounts for big brands like Coach, Michael Kors, but we checked out Guess, not much of a difference. 

Our next stop was Chin Swee Temple, for OOTD purposes.

We continued our trip up and got to enjoy the cold weather. As it was raining, it was a little colder than usual <3. Most of the restaurants are more expensive in Genting, but their Malaysian Food Street is really good! One thing about Malaysian Food Street is that is all paid in 'credit' card. You will need to go to the machine available, purchase as much 'credit' as you want, and use the card to order your food. It's a pretty interesting concept, but personally to me is a bit 'mafan', because if let's say you are RM3 short, you'll need to top up your credit. 

Anywho, here are my rating for their food:
1. Pork Noodles (3.8/5)
2. Fried Kueh Teow (3.5/5)
3. Chicken Rice (3.3/5)

Overall their food is above average, but of course if you compare with Penang food vs price, Penang wins. 

So this marks the end of my blog post, thank you so much for reading this post, watching the video, and I hope you enjoyed it. :) 

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