My New Favourite Salon for Hair Restyling and Colouring. (ColorLab @ Sri Petaling)

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They say that your hair is 90% of your selfie, what do you say?

Hello everyone! Chinese New Year is around the corner, have your started shopping for your CNY clothes or re-style/colour your hair yet? If you are looking to colour your hair, i highly recommend ColorLab!

Watch this video to see my hair colour!

ColorLab is a pretty new salon (launched in early 2017). They are focused on hair colouring and restyling only. Personally I like this service angle as it is more focused and the chances of mistakes would be lower too. Furthermore, the steps to hair colouring (with or without bleach) is pretty standard in which is easier for the hair stylist and team to plan properly utilising the time given so that the customers don't have to wait too long. But of course there will be days that are a little busier, so better bring your iPad or Power Bank so you can keep yourself entertained throughout your hair colouring service. 

My Experience with ColorLab

I'm not familiar with Sri Petaling, so when I couldn't find their salon I gave them a call and they were so kind to come out to look for me. It was my first time meeting them, but they made me feel so comfortable and welcomed, honestly I couldn't have asked for more.

My appointment was at 1pm, so after consultation and snapping my 'before' photos, it was close to 2pm (lunch time). While I was in the process of bleaching my hair for the very first time (my hair has lost its virginity to the bleach), the team kept checking on me incase I was hungry. In the end I ordered MCD Nuggets #cheatday. One of the assistant gave me a cooling drink because he said McNuggets are dehydrating for the body. Honestly, I thought that was really cute and kind of him. 

My stylist is Marcus, he's very capable, patient and gentle. What I mean by gentle is, because I have pretty sensitive scalp so my hair needs to be treated gently and to be honest, not many stylists are able to do so. This would be the 3rd stylist that knew how to manage my hair so far. 

Below are the services provided, those with ❤ are the ones I've done. 

1. Pre-scalp Treatment (Nourishing Oil) - RM30
2. Soothing Scalp Treament (After Colouring) ❤ - RM30

COLORPLEX - to prevent damage ❤ 
- RM60


1. Fusion Colour: Short (RM60), Medium (RM80), Medium Long (RM100), & Long (RM120)* 
2. Premium Japanese Colour: Short (RM120), Medium (RM170), Long (RM220)*

*Additional charges apply if hair is extra long and thick.

COLOR LOCK - Keratin & Collagen treatment to lock in color and lock out frizz. ❤ - RM100

RESTYLE (by appointment) - RM70 

I did not need the pre-scalp treatment because I wanted the top of my hair black (the top of my hair was already black due to grow out, just needed to apply black dye on the brown areas at the bottom ends), so he immediately started with COLORPLEX, followed by the rest, and ended with the Soothing Scalp Treatment. 

My complete hair restyling and colouring service including bleaching, took about 4 to 5 hours. To me it was considered fast because based on my previous experiences, it took about the same amount of time too even when there was no bleaching involved. 

The colours turned out to be better than I expected and I love it! My friends were even surprised when I told them I bleached my hair, because it did not look frizzy or dry. 

Check them out on their Facebook page: or book an appointment now at 03-9056 1651

Address: No.9, Jalan Radin Bagus,

Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 57000

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