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Hello everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying your Chinese New Year and for those who don't celebrate... hope you're having a great and long weekend!

Valentine's day has just passed and I hope everyone had a good one. But in all honesty I think Valentine's day is a hoax. It's the day that gives restaurants and florists a chance to double up their prices, a marketing gimmick that indirectly influenced people to celebrate their love through $$$. Everyday is Valentine's day, expressing your love should be shown daily, not just on this day. Personally I prefer a meaningful and sincere Valentine's day over fancy fine dining.

So this year, on Valentine's day we celebrated our last year's '1st Year Anniversary' that we missed due to to financial reasons. Now for me... 1st year is wayyy more important than Valentine's day so I wanted it to be really special. So we have been delaying the celebration until I've forgotten about it. 

What happened was he booked a fancy place which I knew was expensive... especially on Valentine's day. I felt kinda weird about it because I honestly don't believe in spending so much for this day (unless we are both super rich and have too much money to spend). But he reminded me that we did not celebrate our 1st year anniversary... then I thought... oh if that's the case I think it's not a bad idea killing two birds with one stone.

Even then from time to time, I still felt uneasy about him spending so much and had to constantly remind myself that it's for our anniversary as well. But anyways... it was a beautiful experience for me. The place was kinda nice to me (to him was so, so) maybe because I've never really gone fine dining (except for blogging invitations and work). I really enjoyed myself even without the wine to accompany with our courses.

We celebrated our 1st year anniversary and Valentine's day at :

Maison Française [French House]
5, Jalan Changkat Kia Peng,
Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

This place is like a small French house and to be honest I kinda like the concept.

Look at the bottles of wine behind. I'm so proud of myself for not drinking that night he he. 

 While waiting for our 1st Starter, we had some bread with butter. 

 1st Starter: Cured Salmon, Tonka Bean, compressed cucumber and daikon. I don't like cucumber, but surprisingly for this dish I kinda enjoyed it... maybe cause it's salmon. 

 2nd Starter: Warm duck foie gras and artichokes tart, raw mushrooms and black truffle dust. I love truffle <3! This was savoury and sweet at the same time, honestly I loved it!

Fish: Ocean trout, pea and basil veloute, garlic chips and beef choriza. Salmon again you say? Not to me, I love salmon! I love how the salmon was cooked on the sides but kinda raw in the middle.

Meat: Roasted prime lamb rump, salt baked celeriac. Surprisingly when it was time for this dish, I was almost full. The meat was semi-cooked and it was rich in taste. The portion given is just perfect to prevent me from feeling 'jelak'.

Last but not least, the dessert: Winter black truffle Guanaja lava cake, candied nuts & cardomom ice cream. LOVED IT! I'm not a fan of desserts but the cake is delicious! The ice cream tasted like ginger ice cream which was pretty sweet too. Personally I'd prefer to indulge the Guanaja lava cake on its own. 

Thank you for the beautiful Tulips <3. All my life I've always received Roses, so this was my first time receiving Tulips and they smell amazingly unique! 
Here's the end of my little love note for Valentine's day. Hope you enjoyed reading this and also had a happy one! Till next time. ;) 

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