Danang Trip #1 - Pizza & Beaches

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Hey all! I recently went to Danang with my friends and took some video shots to share with you guys. Just want to apologize in advance for my poor video quality as this was taken with my Samsung Note 3 (Yup, super dinosaur phone). In this video I'll be sharing with you our activities upon arrival and on the first day and some of my thoughts below this video. Hope you enjoy this video! :)

The purpose of this Danang trip was to celebrate my good friend's birthday. After arriving and as we were on our way to the hotel in the cab I realise a few things... cabs in Vietnam honks like nobody's business and the weird part is that's okay. Other than that the stuff are super cheap! <3

Emily Hotel

We decided to stay at Emily hotel because it was cheap and it looked pretty nice from the pictures. Since it was so cheap, I did not expect much, however... there are a number of things which they need to improve on.

  1. Privacy. What happened was, the aircond in my room suddenly stopped working, so before we went out for dinner we called the hotel guy to check it out, with us in the room. While they were checking what was wrong, suddenly one of the guy just went into my friends' room while they weren't in! So my boyfriend and I asked him, "why did you enter our friends room?" He then said because needed to check and compare. I don't know what they wanna compare but even so should have done it with consent.

    It worked for a bit but when we got back from dinner, the aircond couldn't work again. Called the guy again, he checked here and there and said the aircond guy is off work (it was after 12am), so he brought us a fan. Luckily the weather isn't like Malaysia or else we'd be having trouble sleeping.

    Fast forward to the next night, my gf from another room told us she lost some money that she kept in her luggage. If you guys are planning to travel to Vietnam, I'd suggest you pay a little more for a better security, privacy and a peace of mind. I'm glad that we put everything valuable in our luggage and locked it whenever we went out, we could have lost something too
  2. Blackout. This happened at one of the nights where we were just chilling at night after we got back from dinner. Out of a sudden the whole building blacked out! My girlfriend started screaming and ran out of her room, and the rest of us opened our doors to check what has happened.The good thing is that we all lived on the same floor, so  about 10 minutes later the lights came back on and we returned to our rooms. To be honest we did feel scared for a second and we felt really unsafe especially after my gf lost money in her room. 
After this experience, I'd suggest you pay a little more for a better and safer hotel to really enjoy your holiday.

Holiday Danang Beach Resort

So our friend was staying in this hotel that has a beach cafe, thanks to him we could enjoy it too. I honestly like the beach cafe, it was clean, the staffs were nice, and overall just felt relaxed. Since it was our first day, we just chilled and enjoyed ice coffee and walked on the beach after lunch. 

We wanted to go for massage after but they were fully booked so just chilled in the room. I wasn't feeling well so I slept through till it was time to get ready for dinner.

Pizza 4P's

My friends Nat and Howe recommended this place because they went to the same restaurant in another part of Vietnam, and it was super good! Unfortunately, this restaurant isn't as good but it was a fancy experience. :)

Dua Ben Tre

Dessert anyone? Coconut lovers, here you will get a variety of coconut desserts. We ordered the coconut ice-cream which came in a coconut, and coconut water. It was a nice experience as we got to experience the people and culture of Danang. 

Stay tuned for Danang Trip #2 - Oh So Fancy.

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