Danang Trip #2 - Oh So Fancy!

1:44 AM

Continuation from Danang Trip Day 1 - Pizza and Beaches

I woke up at 10am the next day, hungover. I opened my eyes and looked around at this unfamiliar room to realize, I was in Danang.  I looked to my right and noticed the right side of the bed was empty, then I reached for my phone (like most of us would) to see any urgent messages. Then I recalled, my boyfriend told me he was gonna have breakfast with my friends while I slept in cause I was not feeling well. At 11am, my boyfriend came back with some sandwiches as he thought it was the healthiest and most convenient food there to bring back. I stared at it thinking... 'boring but I want to eat healthy' but when I took the first bite, I was impressed by how delicious it was! The rest of my friends wanted to visit marble mountain, as for me I was still recovering and I've had been busy with work before this trip, so I just wanted to rest. My girlfriend suddenly texted and asked if I wanted to chill by the beach and perfect indeed I thought. 

When we were at the beach, we caught these 2 Asian men staring, if not mistaken they were either Korean or from China. To be honest, we felt kinda annoyed as we could not comfortably relax and take our photos that we ended up going further away from them and closer to the water (win-win situation). 

Throwback to when I was skinny. Swimwear from Pink n' Proper. Wanna make a shoutout to them for their great service! <3. 

It's been a long time since I could sincerely enjoy the view and breeze of the beach and ocean. At that moment, I felt so thankful and very relaxed. At that point of time, I thought to myself, that I although I won't miss the sun, I'd miss the feeling of relaxation and holiday. Up till today, I still miss it. Definitely in need for another getaway. 

After spending 3 hours at the beach, we decided to head back to rest for a bit and get ready for the main event of this trip. The main purpose of this trip was to celebrate our good friend, Howe's birthday. The celebration took place at InterContinental Hotel Danang, we had buffet. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Vietnamese cuisine, so the food there for me was so so, but at least their service was good. #VIPTreatment

Our celebration will definitely not end at dinner, my bestie who is good at researching, found this happening place to party in Danang, called Sky36 Rooftop, above Novotel Hotel. How's the crowd? Pretty mixed, but mostly Chinese... or maybe Vietnamese, kinda hard to tell the difference since we are all asians 😂. 
Somewhere at this point, my phone battery died. Btw i'm currently thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Any advise for me before I do so? 

That's it for day 2. If you have any questions regarding Danang or would like to share some info about the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with me, i'd truly appreciate it. Feel free to contact me at joanna.cwm@gmail.com. 

Stay tuned to my next activity in Danang post. :)

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