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You've heard of i-City located in Shah Alam, but ever wondered what kind of activities they have? In this blog post, I'll share with you my experience at i-City. It was kinda random that we made a plan to check this place out. 
It all started when I woke up on a Saturday morning hangover-ing, so I wanted to do something that does not involve drinking. My boyfriend suggested to check out i-City and our priority was to get on the Ferris wheel, but unfortunately, it was closed due to some construction nearby. 

When we arrived hungrily and hunting for food was the priority, we decided to eat at a hotel nearby, Best Western Hotel. 

 The food was actually really good and the price is pretty decent too. If you're in i-City and looking for decent food with nice ambience, Best Western would be the best.
We also ordered their burger, but we got too hungry and forgot to snap a photo. If you're visiting this restaurant, highly recommend trying their burger. But if you're weight conscious like me, this Salmon steak is rich, filling and delicious.

The first activity of the night, Red Carpet - where you'll get to see all the waxed models of famous people out there. It was only RM30 per person for Malaysians and for the price we paid, I did not expect much.

There were many celebrities in the Red Carpet such as David Beckham, Victoria Secret, Angelina Jolie, Brad Bitt, Britney Spears, Mr Bean, some Asian celebrities, Guiness book of record people and more - however, the wax figures were pretty old school and some did not look like the actual stars.

Anyeong haseyo. :) 
A random alien we saw while walking. 
📸 Am more than happy to strike a pose for you. :) 

Doesn't he look like Rain? But can't remember who he is. 
Hey Queen Elizabeth, can I have your Corgi?

Prince William and Kate Middleton - see how they don't really look like the actual people? 
007, my favourite day is 17/07. ✌️

Next we visited the Trick Art Musuem

Truthfully afraid of heights.

Go down there if you dare.

Phew, close call.

A stairway to heaven, working my way up. 
I have fear of falling too. 

Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Tea or coffee, I love both, but which is your pick? 
Oh snap!
Is it me or do they look alike?

Visiting the Great Wall of China again. ~

Overall the quality and experience of this place are kinda below average due to:
1. Some of the wax figures did not look like the actual people.
2. The Trick Art Musuem was so so, as you can see there's a line at the bottom.

But for the price you pay and just to kill time, I think this place is pretty alright and nice place for family outings. 



Persiaran Multimedia
40000 I-City
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +6 03 5521 8811
Email: i-city@i-city.my

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